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Santa Catarina Restaurant, Lakeway- Oh My Goodness!

Santa Catarina

Stop.  Do not pass this restaurant without popping in, at the very least, to try their delicious margaritas.  These guys go the extra mile by squeezing their own limes and using the natural sweetness of agave nectar in lieu of adding sugar to the drink. Wonderful combination.  But, please, go in hungry because once you’ve seen the menu, you’re gonna want to order something that’s served on a plate!

The fine ingredients don’t stop with the beverages at this place. The interior/central Mexican-based food is unbelievably fresh and bursting with flavor. It should be noted that if you’re a fan of seafood, you will not be disappointed with the sea-faring choices either.  

Chef, Francisco Cortez, grew up watching his mother and grandmother in Mexico create many of these masterpieces.  If you ask him, they are a true representation of his family’s tradition.  Each time an order is turned out to his customers, it feels like his family kitchen is sharing their best with you. Love on a plate (or in a bowl).  That’s what I call it.

The decor in the restaurant is unique as well.  The catarina, which loosely translates into “ladybug”, is subtly displayed throughout the restaurant.  Sort of a Where’s Waldo? game that you can play as you visit.  I’ll throw you a bone here - check out

the pendant lamps suspended above the bar area. You’ll have to locate the other “spots” on your own.  The artwork on the walls contains many originals and the tableware is a conversation starter as well.  Took everything I had at the end of the evening not to slip my then very clean plate into my purse.

Santa Catarina chose Lakeway because they saw a need for a different type of Mexican food (aside from Tex-Mex) in this area.  They truly wanted to “introduce [their] food to this nice public”.  Each time I’ve been anywhere near this place, it seems that this nice public is very thankful that they did.

Happy Hours are from 4-6pm which include half-priced appetizers as well as a generous margarita and beer discount.  

Santa Catarina is located in the Lakeway Plaza shopping center at 1310 RR 620 South, Ste. A4 in Lakeway.  (512) 300-0946

Try it.  You’ll like it.

Photos by: Charity McCreary/Olive Tree Photography Austin, & Heather Chapman

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